Will Robots Movie Get Your Attention?

The movie "Robotics" by Arthur Clarke is a very entertaining book. There are many different robots in the book and this is one book that will have them all in it. In this book there are robots who repair humans, robots who help humans and even robots who are in between. These robots have a mission and they have to keep doing their job or risk losing all of their technology.

robots movie


This book has gotten rave reviews and has sold over three million copies. It can be considered science fiction because of the nature of some of the robots. One type of robot that is very similar to the idea of a Terminator is the Roboquad. However, this robot is much more than a robotic savior.

The writer of this novel Erickson has really created a hero and a villain. He has written a character who is very human but with a robot body. This is very intriguing to those who have never thought robots could be both good and evil. This is just one of the unexpected twists that this author provides.

There are other robots who have been written as supporting characters. For example, Roboquad is a robot who helps humans in a variety of ways. He does get injured, but he is always healed and ready to fight again. He is an important part of the team that consists of three robots. The first one has a human partner and the second one has a robot partner. They team up to solve problems and to protect the humans.

There is also one robot who can travel across the universe. This robot is called Armani and he is the hero of this book. This robot was written as an alternative to the Star Trek series where a robot was needed to do the tasks that humans were unable to do.

The Armani robot was created by combining the head of an ancient Cretan warrior and the body of a Chinese fisherman. This robot was not programmed to do anything, but it was able to learn how to walk and to talk after it was given a little bit of artificial intelligence. One of the main characters was initially unable to get out of bed, but after he was "trained" Armani was able to go on his adventures. The interesting thing about this robot is that, once he begins to think he is intelligent enough to make decisions, he thinks he is smarter than everyone else on the planet! In other words, he begins to think that he is the leader of the planet!

One interesting aspect of Robots is the idea that robots will collaborate with humans. There is a character in the book named XTender, who is a robot who assists humans in all their daily activities. One of the things that he does is to program his stomach so that when his food bowl is dropped, it does not explode. Another robot, named COPRIO, is programmed to clean up all the trash in an apartment. And last but not least, there is the Brain Bot, which is designed to think, learn and reason like humans do.

All robots in the movie look as though they are made up of plastic and rubber, and they don't really look all that lifelike. However, one reviewer stated that he didn't mind because he is used to seeing robots in the movies. Also, considering how much technology has advanced in the past decade, it may be pretty accurate to think that robots will someday be as life-like as a human being. That will be an exciting future to watch!