What Are Your Favorite Rock Star Movies?

You know you want to see a rock star movie. Maybe you saw them in the theater and saw that awesome smile on their face and wished you could do that. You want them to be your favorite. So, what are you going to get for the perfect birthday present? Well, this article will give you some ideas to choose from.

rock star movie


The Breakfast Club. This is the movie about a bunch of friends who grow up in a small town in the 1940's. They have just discovered that they all have a destiny together. Starring Drew Barrymore, Edward Herrmann, and Taylor Kitsch.

Edward and Taylor are high school sweethearts who like to join together for the school dance. While they are waiting for their turn, they overhear a conversation between two girls that have something they want. It takes them on a wild goose chase to find out what it is and they end up with an evil rock star namedmble who wants to control their lives. Everyone gets saved, including Edward and Taylor.

There was also a movie called Edward Scissorhands. This is about a boy who falls down a well and can't swim. He ends up with a cleft palate. He then becomes obsessed with perfecting his cleft palate. Eventually, he learns that he can transform into a rock star. starring Billy Crystal.

The Thin Red Line. This is a war thriller starring Steven Tyler as the title character. After the plane crashes near Martha's Vineyard, a traveler comes across the bodies of Chinese people killed in the crash. This causes a series of events that leads to the Cold War.

There was also Pretty Woman. This is a movie that stars Meg Ryan as the loveable heroine. Her storyline involves getting married to an obnoxious rich guy, then going on a mission to find her true love. She ends up with Richard, who she adores.

This will definitely be worth the watch if you have ever seen one of the Brad Pitt films. The World War Z is another installment. This movie stars Matt Damon as a special operations forces officer and goes after those zombies that have invaded the United States. If you like action, you'll like this movie.

If you want something that is more quiet, then you should choose Training. This is about a young man that is sent on a covert mission to infiltrate a group of terrorists. He is given a gun and told to go find the terrorists and kill them. However, the group happens to be a group of rock stars. You can also choose to see World War Z if you like that kind of movie.

Another one of your choices is The Pursuit of Happyness. This is about a man that finds happiness with another woman. He has a difficult time trying to cope with his feelings of jealousy when he discovers that his wife has an affair. It is a lighthearted and funny movie that makes you laugh.

One more of your favorites is American Gigolo. This is a movie about a starlet that is having an affair with one of the movie's co-stars. This is one movie that everyone should see.

The late Michael Jackson had two movies that came out right before his death. You should definitely choose to see Billie Jean. It is his last movie before he died. It is also a great role in the history of music. You may also like to see Thriller. It is another great star flick.

If you enjoy any of these movies, then you are sure to choose a rock star movie that you will not regret seeing. These films are all fantastic and make you happy. The acting is great and the plots are fantastic. They will leave you with a smile on your face.