Watchmen Movie Review - The Dark Knight Rises

The final Watchmen film in the series promises to be nothing like the rest of the movies that have come before it, or even the DC comic which preceded it. So what makes this particular movie so different? Well, there are definitely a lot of differences, but they are largely superficial.

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For example, the most obvious difference between the book and the film version is the language. In the book, Dr. Dedalus is simply calling "Dr. Dedalus". In the film, the role is entirely played by Russell Crowe. Of course, if you read the book, you'll know that Dr. Dedalus is a doctor who work at the institute where the story is centered, but in the film, Crowe's character is simply called "Dedalus". Either way, both versions leave the reader with the same impression.

Another difference is the treatment of the main characters. While the name of the characters remains the same (Norman Osgood), the name of the villain is changed (Reed.) This is only a slight variation on the typical villain's name. The major difference is that in the book, the villain is also an ex-cop, while in the film he's simply a thief. This has a significant impact on the way the characters interact with each other.

In the books, the protagonist, Harry Dresden, struggles with accepting his role as a Watcher. In essence, he becomes a slave to his feelings. He hides out from society, using his skills for personal gain, while slowly revealing his secrets. In the series, Harry has no reason to hide from anyone. He accepts his Watcher responsibilities, and his friends help him on his journey to become the full-time, devoted Watcher he can be.

The difference between the books and the series is the time period in which the story takes place. In the series, Harry experiences a tragic accident while travelling in a car. During this time he develops a dark phobia, which causes him to avoid contact with those of the deceased. Harry is haunted by images of the dead and he is convinced that if he steps inside a closed area, he will die. This causes him to abandon his quest and ignore his duties to the Watch.

From this description it would appear that the movie takes place during the Post-World War II period in American history. However, the story line diverges greatly from this premise. The movie takes place in New York City in modern day. Whilst researching this article I began to wonder how many of the settings used in the books are taken from real life. I discovered that the novel begins in the 1940s, when the World War Two was raging. During the war, Manhattan was bombarded with millions of bombs, making most of the city uninhabitable.

In the novel Watchmen, our main character, Harry Dresden escapes from a mental institution called The Red Room. There he meets other escapees who share his passion for The Red Room's chocolate cake. Together they concoct a plan to infiltrate the facility and rescue the people locked inside. As the group progresses, Harry becomes the focal point of their plot and is forced to decide what course of action to take. The character's confusion and reluctant actions result in some of the film's funniest scenes.

The novel Watchmen is based on the graphic novel Watchmen by Neil Gaiman. The film version takes elements from the book and creates a unique and interesting plot. Although I would not say the movie is as good as the book, it does have its own share of entertainment. For fans of the book and those unfamiliar with the characters, there is enough here to keep the viewer entertained. If you enjoy intelligent, dark fiction then the movie version of Watchmen might be worth a look.