Watchers Movie Ratings

Watchers Movie RSS feeds is a website dedicated to providing free movie selection and trending information for movie fans. The best part of the site is that RSS feed of each new release is updated on the fly. This RSS updates not only refreshes the list of current releases but also the ones which have been previewed. This site has a rich selection of recent releases along with the ones that have been released in the past. If you are looking for a place where you can get real time information about new movies then this is the place to be.

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The technology used by Watchers Movie RSS Feed is highly advanced and user friendly. It can provide personalised recommendations based on your own preferences. The site offers a lot of flexibility with regards to genres of movies and user profiles. You can create your own profile for easy updating of movie information. The site is very easy to use and the backend administration panel allows one to create custom modules and design the site as they desire.

The site also provides regular updating of its own database. New content is added frequently. There are some subscription options available on various sites including monthly, yearly etc. Various payment options can be used including PayPal, Amazon, Google Checkout etc.

Subscriptions can be collected from every user, and they will be charged per month. There is an option to choose whether or not to use a subscription service. Payments can be done using different methods such as ClickBank, PayPal etc. The information gathered by the site will be regularly sent to their users. This will help them keep track of all the popular releases.

The membership website of the site will provide a wide range of information about the movies like reviews, cast, trailers etc. Subscribers can browse through the movies schedule to choose which movie they would like to watch. The membership fee is less than what is required to watch the movies at the Theatre or Ciniplex.

The site contains links to buy, rent and share the movies. It is safe to use and does not contain any virus. If a person visits the site and does not see the movie he ordered then he can easily retrieve it from the website. If a movie is downloaded from the site then the owner of the account can cancel the membership anytime he wants. The user can use the 'unlock' button to download again.

Movie watchers can use their debit or credit cards to pay for their movie tickets. Movies are shipped on a disc. They can order the disc online using their credit card. Payment can be made using any major credit card.

One can contact the site staff if they have any question or problem. The site is operated twenty-four hours a day. If a problem arises then it is solved quickly. The staff can answer any questions related to movie dates, show timings, costs and other important information. The site also provides valuable information on television shows.

To subscribe to a service, a user must fill in an online form. The form can be sent via e-mail or regular mail. The user has to give his/her name, postal address, email and password. A movie subscription includes the cost of movie that one has ordered. In some cases the subscription charges may be different. After payment, the watcher can search their favorite movies online.

In case of non-payment, the movie can no longer be watched by the watchers. Free trial movies are offered. This will help them to find out which movie is their favorite. This is a good way to save on money too. A movie can be watched after downloading the movie from the internet.

Sometimes the movie is sent to the home of the watcher. The movie can be delivered by post or by a messenger service. The movie can also be delivered by a phone call. A movie subscription allows a person to see his/her favorite movies whenever he wants. They do not have to wait in lines and sit for hours.

If the movie is bought by a co-owner, each owner can rent a movie. Thus, this reduces the cost of purchasing. Co-owners can share the cost of buying and renting. Each owner gets the name of the movie owner, date and time of the movie rental. It is a win-win situation.