Up, the Up Movie, Really Is a Big Deal

An Up movie review is a review of an up and coming movie you might want to watch. It is written to inform you about the film so you can decide whether it is for you or not. I usually include my own opinion in the reviews. If you enjoy sci-fi movies then this is definitely a movie worth checking out. The cast includes Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, and Steve McQueen.

up movie


An Up movie review will let you know what the movie is all about. The story revolves around a father and son who become stranded on an airplane. While doing a good deed, they are accidentally locked out of the plane. A top secret US government mission has gone bad and their only hope is to make it back to the ground safely. The movie includes some great special effects, chase scenes, explosions, and other intense action sequences.

This movie has great sequences of action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The pace of the movie goes fast and there are many moments of humor too. The movie has excellent plot lines and the plot is very thought provoking. It involves lots of secrets and twists and even some romance between the main characters.

Morgan Freeman provides the voice of the narrator in this movie. He gives us excellent direction and great dialogue. The movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh and produced by Walt Disney studios. The cast also includes Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, and Steve McQueen.

One of the best action sequences in the movie is the chase scene. You have to pay very close attention to this part as it is very exciting. The car chase scene occurs when the authorities are looking for a man who tried to blow away the plane with a bomb. Another interesting element is the fighting between the terrorists and the US troops. The US troops wear army camo suits that look very real.

The special effects in this movie are quite realistic. There are firefights too that are very intense. The US troops fight like soldiers while the terrorists fight like terrorists. Some of the movie's explosions are very realistic too. The helicopters that appear in the movie fly fast, they look like jet aircraft, and their blades are spinning like fans.

This movie is a very good watch. It has very good plot twists and you are never left thinking. It is a thrilling, action packed movie that leaves you wanting more. Everyone who sees it loves it. Even those who did not like the movie, loved it.

No one can predict the movie going to be a hit or a flop. It may flop completely. But there is one thing that is for sure, people are talking about this movie ever since it hit the theaters. It is just crazy how successful UP got. The movie scenes are great, the actors are great, the actresses are great, the music is great, and the special effects were superb.

The movie was directed by Greg Garcia. He did a wonderful job on the directing job. He knew exactly what he was doing. There is no doubt that this movie is worth every penny. You will not regret watching it.

No one has talked about the movie scenes since the movie came out. Everyone is talking about the special effects. Everyone is talking about the special explosions. They are talking about the special fighting scenes. They are talking about the special stunts. Everyone is talking about the climax of the movie.

Everyone agrees that the climactic battle scene was the best part of the movie. Many critics even called it the best scene of the summer so far. They loved the way the explosions were done and the way the special effects were done. The special effects were so realistic.

People can debate all they want about the movie, but without the brilliant special effects and explosions, the movie would have been a dud. If you have not seen the movie yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. You will not be disappointed. You will not regret seeing it. You just might laugh so hard you cry.