The Tenant Movie Review - Starring Tom Selleck, Joe Mantegna, and Ed Harris

The Tenant is the first film of the year that stars Matt Damon as Matt Lazerow, an American who lives in Paris. In France, he works as a photographer for a prestigious publishing house. In Eastern Europe, émigrte Trelkovsky (Rajinikanth) lives in an apartment in an old, dilapidated building whose residents shun him. When he discovers the sadistic behavior of the previous tenant, a stunning, beautiful girl, Trelkovsky starts to identify with her more than ever, even subconsciously planning to kill her.

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In The Tenant, Matt Damon plays the role of the quiet, sullen yet aggressive tenant who cleans the apartment on a daily basis. When his landlord makes it clear that the tenant is not allowed to photograph the interior or view the balcony, due to the danger of electrocution, the snarky tenant takes matters into his own hands and becomes the local hero. Soon, however, the locals begin to suspect the true identity of this quiet man who keeps his identity a secret from them. When the owner's wife decides to repair the broken elevator, she finds a curious book inside which identifies the local Tenant as Marc du Chappelle (Ivan Moll). Soon, however, it becomes clear that the owner and the Tenant are the same person, and that they are orchestrating the most elaborate burglary in the history of Paris.

The Tenant follows a complex plot, but it is perhaps director David Fincher's most impressive achievement. The plot and the acting are both fantastic and Damon's performance as the Tenant is worthy of the leading roles in Gone With The Wind and Interview With A Stranger. The film is also visually stunning, with multiple interspersed scenes of Paris with the different apartment buildings throughout the city. In particular, one scene near the end of the movie shows the Tenant driving an Audi at night, passing the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees. This is a spectacular sequence, and is probably the most famous part of the entire movie.

But what makes the movie truly memorable is its setting. David Fincher uses the fictitious locale of Cannes as the basis for the story and brings a wealth of real life experience to the film. In the Tenant, Matt Damon plays the role of an affluent young man who lives in the upscale apartment building on the outskirts of Paris with his girlfriend, Jessica Alba. The apartment is run by an extremely rich French woman (Anne Hathaway), who also happens to be the mother of one of the characters in the movie. Because the owner is extremely particular about the safety of his tenants, he hires private detectives to watch over the apartment and keep an eye on the girl and her son.

The movie begins in the summer of 2021, as the Tenant is seen as he goes about daily activities. He is seen washing dishes, cleaning up the back yard, and hanging out with his friends. Later in the film, he witnesses the murder of his landlord's teenage boy by a stranger, and this prompts him to begin searching for the person responsible. Along the way, he meets Anne, the beautiful preteen who shares a few of his possessions with him, and becomes his lover. Eventually, the two of them end up moving into the apartment they see in the background of the detective's investigations, and the Tenant eventually falls in love with the girl next to him in the apartment.

The film is not solely a romance story though, as many of the events it chronicles have some relevance to the plot. For instance, one of the characters catches a glimpse of a knife in the trash, and that leads to another interesting interaction with another person. But the film would be incomplete without the lead protagonist's discovery of the Tenant's criminal past. There are numerous instances throughout the film where the viewer learns important information about the people the Tenant lives with, such as the fact that he was in jail for 10 years for the rape of an elderly woman.

The apartment building where the movie takes place is also interesting because of the various features it possesses. It is the main setting for most of the events depicted in the plot, and there are numerous clues as well as secrets that the detective needs to crack to solve the crimes that are occurring. Some other key players are introduced as well, including the manager and the owner of the property. Throughout the film, the director also includes a few flashbacks to previous episodes so that the viewer can get an idea of how the events unfold. There is also plenty of humor, and the character's antics sometimes provide the perfect touch of reality.

The Tenant is an interesting film that tackles several relevant issues in modern society. It is a bit different than most movies released today, but it is also very thought-provoking. Although the plot is a bit convoluted at points, the overall story is very involving. People of all ages and genders will enjoy this movie. It has excellent acting and graphics, and it is a definite must-see movie...