The Rush Movie Review

Rush Movie Review: A Thrilling and Thoughtful Fast paced drama that hit all the right notes... Michael Douglas stars as a Vietnam Vet, who returns home from war to live in California. After years of post-war reconstruction he has been awarded the American citizenship and he is apprehensive about returning to war. He is concerned about what awaits him in Vietnam, particularly how his friends and family will support him once he gets there. He does some research on the Internet to learn more about his past and he makes the decision to go...

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Once in America Michael (Martine Beswick) quickly realizes that he is in for a lot of shock and confusion. His experiences in the war have left him with a mental image of hellish living conditions in Hanoi. He talks with other veterans about his experiences and they are equally as horrifying as he is. There is a tension between the two groups until an incident occurs that changes everything. Michael goes out into the streets of Hanoi, where he encounters an anti-Vietnam War activist.

The anti-war protesters are led sector Boone Bowlegs (Philip Seymour Hoffman). They are intent on toppling the government and installing a free-market capitalist system in place. Michael plans to confront them, but first he must clear up a series of misunderstandings that complicate his plan. Meanwhile, he runs into some unexpected bad guys including some Hollywood celebrities. But these guys end up working with him at the end.

When I saw "Acne" I thought it was going to be the same type of "Easy" movie that everyone had seen before. This movie had all the same ingredients that were common to the genre... Lots of action, starring great actors, lots of explosions, etc. I expected the same sort of formulaic story and I was not wrong. What I didn't expect was how this movie would maintain its momentum through the entire length of the film.

Once the smoke cleared, what I found was an intense movie that kept me hooked from start to finish. Philip Seymour Hoffman's performance as Agent Fox was absolutely fantastic. He made Boone Bowlegs, one of the most generic anti-heroes in movies, completely convincing. What really made the character believable was his ability to draw the viewer into believing that he really did have a reason for being there and doing what he did. In the end, all that his motivations mattered little to the viewer...

With that being said, let's discuss what made "Acne" so successful. For a movie to succeed on the big screen, it has to deal with some deep emotions... emotions that most viewers aren't going to deal with. Because of that, a lot of movies try to use shock value or make big claims about certain topics. "Acne" goes into a little bit of detail and paints a clear picture of what life was like for those who suffered from acne. There is no false hope in this movie... no quick fixes, no magic cure. It is a very realistic film that deals with some tough topics head on without shying away from the fact that many people feel that they need a strong solution to their skin issues.

Another thing that helped "Acne" to be successful is that the characters were extremely well developed. There is no one person who is the star of the film... each of the characters was interesting and unique. The supporting actors were also great. Even though there are plenty of explosions and gun fights in the movie (and they come extremely late in the film), the main theme is the importance of friendship and togetherness.

When watching the Rush movie, try not to second-guess anyone's actions. At one point, but catches himself saying something like, "She just wants to make some decisions... You think she's the boss? She isn't... Well, I guess you're right." The movie isn't very preachy, but it does have its themes. It's a good watch, overall.