The Rock Movie (Movie Review)

The rock movie industry is alive and well. In fact, there are actually several independent films that get their film budgets from Hollywood. This is not a surprise since many independent movies have high market values.

the rock movie


One of the most anticipated films this summer is The Rock. This film stars Michael Caine as the title role. Caine plays a washed-up athlete with aching joints. He teams up with his friend played by Mark Linn-Baker and the two form an unlikely friendship. The movie chronicles their unlikely journey as they pursue the career they both always knew they were meant to pursue.

The movie's plot is simple enough. A star player gets a bit of a black eye in the movie and the coach he was supposed to manage gets angry with him. The ensuing war leads to an explosive climax.

It is worth nothing that The Rock also happens to be one of the best films of the year. Its success has only been made possible by the cinematography. Shooting on location in several foreign countries, which helped the movie achieve its visual elements perfectly.

There are many movies that end up making the cut only because the director wanted to make a statement with his film. The Rock is one of these films. The plot is simple but the story is what makes the movie worth seeing. The movie is at its best when the action sequences are taking place. When the screenplay is well written, the movie can drag you into the middle of the action rather than drag you out of it.

The Rock movie certainly had its moments. Although, the movie was paced slow, there were times when the director wanted to speed things up. Other times, the director decided to make the movie more dramatic. For example, the motorcycle chase scene was one where director Steven Soderbergh decided to add a motorcycle chase to the script. In doing so, he left out a couple of crucial minutes that made the movie very exciting and entertaining.

It is important to note that the movie did have its moments. When the movie was first released, it was met with mixed reviews by film critics. The movie's plot and storyline soon caught up with the audience though and the movie has become a box office hit. This is partially due to the fact that The Rock is one of the hottest movies of the summer.

The Rock movie is certainly worth the time spent. If you enjoy movies that are fast-paced and full of action, then this is the movie for you. Steven Soderbergh directed the film and he definitely pulled off an interesting and successful movie.

The movie begins with the backdrop of an empty, desert landscape. Several trucks drive by and an automobile jumps out of the back. The vehicle speeds off towards the city. It speeds right over a group of children playing on the ground. One of the children gets off a swing and falls off the swing into the grass. An ambulance arrives shortly after and takes the child to the hospital.

A dog named Porky comes to the hospital to visit his owner who is in a coma. Porky begins to pester his owner's nurse about the condition of his friend. After several minutes of pestering, the owner makes a miraculous recovery. Porky then goes on to find his owner in the bed and finds out that he has been shot in the leg. The dog immediately goes off in a fit of anger and begins to attack the paramedics.

The Rock movie is very much like the Seinfeld pilot, "The Show." Many of the scenes are the same and many are the same as theinfeld pilot. For instance, when George becomes depressed he starts to hallucinate. The dog bites George and this causes him to have a hard time breathing. There are many other examples of similar scenes. This is one of the highlights of the movie.

Overall, The Rock Movie is a hilarious comedy that many families will enjoy watching. The story is great and will keep kids and adults entertained for quite some time. The animation and special effects were top notch. The movie was well thought out and the story line was executed quite well. The Rock Movie is directed by retard Ben Stiller and written by his son Adam.