The Holiday Movie (Movie Review)

The Holiday movie is one of my favorites. It is the ultimate family friendly film from the 1980's. I grew up on this film and to this day it remains one of my all time favorites. The story in The Holiday movie takes place over a couple of weeks in the summer. It is about a man named Frank (Peter Falk) who travels across the country in order to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his family. Along the way he gets to travel through several exciting locations that everyone can relate to, including Chicago, Denver, and even Philadelphia.

the holiday movie


The plot of the film is just about the best part of the movie. It involves a travel company that sends out invites to a Thanksgiving party. A boy named Max (James Belushi) receives one of these invites and heads to the party in order to see what is going on. He gets into a lot of trouble as a result of getting into the party and ultimately ends up being held responsible for the Thanksgiving Massacre. As you might expect, there are plenty of shootouts during this film and lots of casualties as well.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie involves Frank and Max getting separating while in Philadelphia. Frank ends up being shot and his friend is killed as a result. This is one of the most memorable scenes from the movie and also one of the movie stars that comes back to play several different roles throughout the rest of the film.

One of the other biggest movie stars of the decade is Bill Murray. He is responsible for many of the funny scenes in the film and also plays the character of the Grinch. The Grinch is one of the main characters of the movie and is the one that always try to break into the Grinch celebration. One of the best parts of the film is when the Grinch tries to stop the police from chasing him and gets hit by a car. The car accident ends up causing the Grinch to get paralyzed and unable to move any further.

One of the other main characters in the movie is the Mayor. He played a major role in the original release of the film and also reprises his role in the sequel. The Grinch is always seen as the villain in the film but the mayor does try to do good things throughout the film. One of the more hilarious moments in the film comes when the Grinch tries to take advantage of the fact that the Macy's Christmas parade is taking place. The Grinch hires a group of children to follow the parade and when the parade passes by he attacks the crowds with his "rays".

The film has received a lot of criticism from film critics. Many of them feel that the entire purpose of the film is to lampoon certain members of society and even the media. Some of these critics point out the inconsistencies between the film and the actual plot. For instance, the movie shows the Grinch stealing money from the bank but in the real world he never takes anything from the bank. In the movie the Grinch steals the money to give to the poor people at the church but in the real world the church allows him to give them money when they attend mass. Both instances are explained away by the fact that the real world doesn't work that way.

Other film critics point out that the film is slow-moving and boring. They also point out several other flaws in the film such as the horribly written dialogue and the poor direction. The film is not exactly a family friendly but some parents did find the slow pacing and the boring screenplay to be a little too much for their child's attention span. Overall most of the film was unappealing to children but it did end up earning some positive response from adults.

Overall The Holiday Movie is a decent movie. It is not one of the best films of 2021 but it is certainly an entertaining film. Most film critics gave it a positive rating, but some were not so kind. The positive response from adult film critics is mostly due to the great casting, and interesting story. The Holiday Movie is a definite must-see film...