The Best Romantic Comedy Movies Ever Made

Every year, the movie industry puts out a blockbuster or two that captures the hearts of romance fans everywhere. One of the most exciting things about this is that many of the best movies of the year have great animation. From the trailers, to the box office results, almost every single movie that comes out has amazing animation. The next time you look at a movie and think to yourself, "I can't wait to see that movie," check out the animation. It is a big part of what makes these movies so popular. Here are some of the top animated love stories of the year.

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Finding Nemo (DVD) Finding Nemo is the number one animated romance movie of all time and it has a lot to do with it. While some underlying trappings might be a little overdone, lovers still look forward to sequels to movies that will use them as central plot devices, since they have come to expect a certain kind of romance genre - only this time, it's all about fish. As is the case with most sequels, this one also contains some of the romance's major themes, including lust, breakup, and jealousy. While the overall tone of the film is light-hearted, it's easy to see why people who like these movies so much also appreciate the subtlety of the animation.

The Princess and the Pea (DVD) The Princess and the Pea is the third release in the Beauty and the Beast franchise, and this romantic comedy/dramedy is another winner. The movie follows the relationship between the beautiful, tragic Princess Ariel and the rugged, strong-willed Prince Charming. The Princess and the Pea are about more than just the romance between the two main characters though. It tackles issues like gender roles, jealousy, and betrayal.

Sing It Forever (DVD) - Perhaps the most quintessential romantic comedy of all time, Sing It Forever is also one of the few true comedies in the long list of modern-day romantic movies. A decade before Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston's witty banter in the movie became a huge hit, there was a similar sight on Broadway. Back then, there were only a handful of musicals, and the likes of Cats and The Singing Butler didn't even rank near as high on the list as comedies. Yet when Tim Burton directs a live action version of his original premise, Sing It Forever becomes one of the best romantic comedies of all time. And as the film approaches its inevitable conclusion, audiences of all ages are left wanting more.

How Do You Know? (DVD) - The most pure and unadulterated comedy of all time, How Do You Know? was one of the first rom-coms ever made, and remains an icon of the genre. Starring Meg Ryan and Bill Murray, How Do You Know? is a classic on all levels, and the cast always make for a good watch.

When Harry Met Sally (Movie) - One of the first true romance movie stars to receive an Oscar nomination (Meg Ryan), it's no surprise that this movie is one of the best-selling ventures into the rom-com genre. Meg Ryan plays Susan Lewis, a newly single mother of three who gets off the phone with her new boyfriend, Harry (Benjamin Bracknell), without telling anyone else. With the help of a couple of friends, the couple spends the evening together, and Susan eventually calls Harry to tell him that she's finally realized that she loves him.

It's a Wonderful Life (Movie) - One of the more sentimental of the Harry Potter movies, It's a Wonderful Life follows the end of the war with a heavy heart. Cast in the lead role is the late David Bowie, and the movie is filled with classic David Bowie moments. A brilliant portrayal of a love story gone wrong, It's a Wonderful Life is a definite must-see film no matter what age you are. Other notable cast includes Patrick Swayze, whom we'll come back to shortly.

Noel Campbell's Baby - The true story of a teenage girl and her baby are as cute as two little celebrities, if not cuter. The Baby is a coming of age story that also dabbles in romance and family drama, making it an interesting prospect for streaming viewers. A few scenes here and there provide a romantic build up, but the overall tone of the film is that of a coming of age story, with the girl and her baby facing many challenges. Streaming also provides a few short clips of the child making a television appearance, which makes this a nice DVD to enjoy before seeing the movie in the theater. The Baby definitely captures the hearts of romance movie viewers, but don't leave your home without giving the film a try!