The Best Love Story Movies

A love story movie is one of the most romantic movies ever. If you want your romantic date night to be an experience in the stars, you must watch a love story movie. Starring: Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Billy Crystal, any fan of romance and love will enjoy this film. But what exactly makes a great love story movie?

love story movie


First of all, a love story needs to have deep emotions, and the Love Story movie series by Disney are no exception. The first film in the series was Sleeping Beauty, which is arguably one of the best fairy tale/adventures ever. From there, the franchise moved on to the Winnie the Pooh series, then The Chronicles of Narnia, and finally Beauty and the Beast. All of these films are filled with romance and love, making them perfect for romantic movie watching. But a good love story needs more than a great plot line and cute characters-it needs good acting, and this film has that in spades.

In the beginning we have Alice, who we later find out is the Princess of Wales. Alice is thrown into a castle, and told that her true prince is waiting for her. However, she soon finds out that her true identity is a deception, and that her real prince is locked away in a tower guarded by dark forces. As Alice starts investigating the castle, she meets the huntsman Vincent, who is looking for information that will lead him to the prince. The two quickly become good friends, though Alice has trouble telling Vincent what they are doing. But in the end, Vincent finally learns the truth, and the two make plans to meet.

In the second film, The Heart Break Kid, the love story revolves around high school student Troy who is dating an older woman. Troy falls in love with her and wants to ask her family about getting married, but she doesn't want to risk getting caught. So, she decides to use her secret identity to get married without using her name, and end up meeting her own happily-ever-after end.

In the third movie, The Pirates! Scott, he teams up with Hollywood vet Willy Wonka, played by Steve McQueen. He teams up with the dread pirate Captain Hook and tries to save his daughter, Charlotte from pirates. It turns out that Hook is after Charlotte, so Willy goes to an island to retrieve her. The happy ending to this love story movie is that Willy and Charlotte get married and have a son.

In the fourth movie, Edward Scissorhands, Michael Myers plays the role of a man suffering from amnesia. While looking for his birth father, he ends up in an orphanage run by a cruel, sadistic master. Michael Myers plays the part of the master, and has a very difficult time with the other children. He ends up killing one of them and then, realizes he was the rightful heir to the estate. The happy ending to this movie is that Edward scoots back to his own reality and ends up marrying Bella Rose, who ends up loving him.

In the fifth movie, A Christmas Carol, John Belushi plays the title role. Carol is a grieving mother who wants her ex-boyfriend to come home and spend Christmas with her. After missing Christmas Eve with him, she decides to plan a dinner for all of her friends. She tells her daughter about the dinner, and they all celebrate Christmas. The movie ends with Carol getting a new boyfriend, while her father is away on business.

Of course, everyone's tastes are different. Some of these movies are probably the most sentimental and romantic of all of the Love Story movies. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences. If you are looking for a movie that has a happy ending, and one that is appropriate for your age and stage of life, The Graduate is a great choice. On the other hand, if you want a movie that deals with serious emotions but still provides laughter, I recommend You Can't Take It With You.