Sweet Home Alabama Movie Review

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy that tells the story of two happily ever after couples in the deep south. The movie has received warm reviews from critics. It tells the story ofneelette and her husband Calvin. They have been married for twenty years, when their eldest daughter Mandy (played by Julia Ochevera) is born. They hope that this will be the beginning of a long happy life together. However, circumstances prevent them from realizing such a state of bliss.

sweet home alabama movie


When Mandy becomes pregnant, the family's life takes a dramatic turn. Calvin is devastated because he feels that his wife has grown apart. He tellsneelette that he wants to get her out of the marriage, but she refuses. He then suggests they get a divorce. She agrees, but only if he changes his attitude towards her.

The next morning, as the couple is preparing to go to the wedding, Calvin's grandmother tells him about Mandy's wedding. As he listens, he learns that she and the groom were inseparable before. When he asks why, her grandmother tells him that it was because they got married on a sweet home, which meant that their marriage was perfect. She continues to tell him that it wasn't easy for them and that she missed her friend so much. He starts to regret having tied the knot with her.

After the ceremony, Calvin and Iggy (both played by Edward Mandell) go out. He tells Iggy that he misses his sweet home. Before he leaves, he apologizes to Iggy for his behavior and tells her that he loves her. On the wedding day, as the cameras are following them, Iggy notices a chair in the wedding party. She goes to find her friend, but instead, Calvin boards the plane.

At home, Calvin and Iggy prepare for the big day by reading the kiddie book they made together. Afterward, Calvin asks Iggy if she wants to play a game with him, so she gets up to join him. When the game is over, he thanks her and tells her goodbye.

In Home, Alabama, we see that Calvin and Iggy really did grow as people and even married each other for real. Calvin's character also has a son, Michael (Laurence Fishburn), who has a close relationship with his mother (Nora Roberts). In Home, Alabama, the parents and the family members of both families support each other throughout the marriage. They have strong family ties.

The Sweet Home Alabama movie follows the story of two happily ever afters. As for the plot, there isn't much conflict between the happy couples. The love story starts when they are little. When Calvin is older, he starts to have problems with his mom and dad. The movie focuses more on their son Michael than on his mom. He tries to pick up his own life but he always returns home to his sweet home, determined to find out what happened to his mom.

The Sweet Home Alabama movie is a great family-oriented movie. It's loaded with funny and touching scenes. It tells the story of how two people get married and have a family. Children will enjoy watching this movie with their parents.

The movie depicts the good qualities of a place called Sweet Home Alabama. The scenery looks great. People have fun in the park and enjoy outdoor activities. The music in the movie is uplifting, bringing back nostalgic memories of when parents would sit together and listen to The Beach Boys.

One interesting thing about Sweet Home Alabama is that it depicts two different kinds of weddings. At one point, Calvin (Petula Clark) gets up to give his speech and he and Michael (Larry Dietz) dance. When they do this, they both look very happy. However, later on when Michael is telling his story, he says that he got married at his sweet home and he and his bride were happy. This is a nice touch of portraying different kinds of weddings.

Overall, Sweet Home Alabama is one of the best films that you'll ever see. It will entertain both old and young viewers. The story is great and the characters are likeable. Anyone who sees this movie is going to be recommending it to someone else and the DVD is sure to sell off its copies quickly. If you want to get some home decoration ideas for your own home, check out this one!