Star Trek - Into the Galaxy

We all know that the makers of the Mission Impossible series have given us a new blockbuster in the form of the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. The film has broken all of the box office records for the first time ever, and has been a big hit at the box office during its brief theatrical release. If you are looking forward to seeing more of Tom Cruise and Anne Hathaway in a sci-fi film, then this is a definite must see film right now. So let's take a look at what is in store for our favorite duo in Rogue Nation. We'll discuss the first time we see John Kavanagh as Dr. David Steinman, and how he gets transformed into a hybrid and ends up fighting alongside Ripley in the infamous Normandy Beach scene. After that we'll move on to the plot of the film, and how mankind will win the space war.

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As I've said, this is a very different sort of movie from the last Mission Impossible movie. It takes place aboard a space ship that was salvaged after the destruction of the Earth by a nuclear war. Now, the Earth is again in danger, and Earth's only hope rests with the United States of America and their astronaut, Chris Evans. As they battle it out with the Klingons (led by Worf), the Earth itself falls under attack from the Bahragoids who arrive to claim the planet as their own. When the Klingons decide to attack Earth, the United States must rely on a group of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities to put a stop to their attacks.

The fighting within the film is incredible. This is a rare action film with no dialogue, and everything is delivered via intense visual terms. The explosions, the shifting gravity, and even the actual touching of the starships and other vessels are simply mind blowing. Of course, the action is not without its controversy as well. Having said that, the film did receive a fair amount of criticism upon its release, most notably for the bloody murder scene.

But, unlike the first time around, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation takes the story in an entirely different direction. Instead of dealing with the Klingons, the United States gets to take on the pirates instead. This film also marks the return of one of the main stars from the first film, Christian Bale. With him comes an entirely new look and sense of purpose. But does the film live up to expectations, or was it just another average Star Trek film?

On the surface, Rogue Nation looks to be a step up from its predecessor. Aside from the well developed plot, the visual effects are top notch, and the acting is much more convincing. While some of the battles between the Klingons and the humans are predictable, at least those fighting in the films should be recognized as being human. Still, it can be said that the film tries to do too many things at once. It goes from the aliens to the spaceships to the main storyline, which makes things get rather confusing.

For a film to be considered a true Star Trek film, it has to be about space travel and exploring new worlds. The crew of the Enterprise explores the Klingon homeworld and is forced to deal with a Klingon who's intent is to conquer the galaxy. That's not what Trek is all about, but at least it's an intriguing subplot for an otherwise forgettable film.

I don't think anyone can say that The Lucas Movie is better than Star Trek. Both feature new planets, new civilizations, and new characters. The Storyboard for The Lucas Movie is clearly superior, and the visual effects are better than previous Trek movies. It does feel like a Return of the Jedi like film, and that's always a good thing. The biggest problem I have with the movie is that it drifts between the past and the future and doesn't really give the viewer a clear vision of what the crew of the Enterprise is actually doing.

Regardless, I'm glad that The Lucas Movie exists. I'll admit, I was nervous before going to the theater. But once I got there, I found it to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. As a first time Star Trek fan, I was pleasantly surprised by The Lucas Movie. I hope The First Time Experience makes it past its competition and has become a big hit!