Spirit of the West - Cowboy Movies in Modern Times

With the acclaimed feature film The Spirit, Tom Hanks again turns in a well-written, entertaining action/adventure script. As in his previous outings, Ghost Rider is the star of this film as the masked vigilante hero. Now, in Ghost Rider: Resurgence, Hanks plays the older, more cynical version of the character he knows and loves. This time, however, he's teamed up with a young, gunslinging, icon of the comic book world - the young Peter Parker (NASDAQ: SPECTRE). The movie begins with a slow-mo introduction of the city of New York, followed by the surprising climax which finds Parker fighting an army of villains who have invaded the city.

the spirit movie


Hanks plays the role of Detective Peter Parker, the burly, chain-smoking, no-nonsense police officer who is a former smoker of cigarettes who becomes a changed man when he crosses paths with the tough-as-nails young woman in his life, Deborah Del Prete (Anne Hathaway). After a brief stint as a drunk who stumbles into an insane asylum (reprising his famous 'seduction scene' from the earlier film) he returns to the good side of the law. Initially a foul-mouthed and hostile anti-hero, Parker soon develops a surprising strength of character and is ready to give up the ghost-busting ways of his past. But the heart of the role still belongs to Hanks, who does a fine job of playing the smart-witted but cranky Parker, perfectly opposite Anne Hathaway's sultry, sexy Sadera.

In the background we also see the emergence of the two new crime fighters: Detective Latino and his ally Jaimes Goodson (Jared Rushton). The two detectives come to the aid of the mentally disturbed woman who is the mother of Parker's son, Jay (Ebon Caygill). The two cops unearth the grisly history of her boyfriend, Steve (Kelvin Hudson), who is on the run after being framed by a mob boss for the brutal death of his pregnant girlfriend. When they discover that the boss used a Lazarus-like serum to revive him, Steve runs off with his friend, ito (Chazz Palmintero), who remains to be a close ally to the two cops. But when the cops discover the location of the Serpico funeral, the evil Mr. Largo (Kenny Calvert) raises an army of armed men to attack the cops and take over the plaza, which is under the control of the mob boss.

As the movie progresses, it becomes clear that the movie is a remake of the unsuccessful comic book Sin City, though the producers obviously have put little thought into the source material. We see more of the bad guys, we meet more of the supporting cast, but very few of the supporting characters from the comic book. This is perhaps for the reason that the film was made by the studio known as Universal Pictures, headed by one of the greatest writers of our times, John M. Ford. We also have to admit that the star of the movie, Alecised Banks, does not bring his acting abilities to the screen, nor does he appear to be the kind of actor who can draw in the audience to have them watching his performance.

There are many parallels between The Spirit Movie and Sin City. Both involve a group of criminals, the most famous of which is Steve Dallas, played by Robert Downey Jr. The movie also features the unforgettable role of Commissioner Dolan, played by Ed Harris. In the comic books, commissioner Dolan is a retired police officer who is cynical of modern technology and desires that the city embrace the "good old boy" network instead of the "narcissist" network he knows is prevalent in today's society. His philosophy is that crime is caused by the breakdown of the social structure, and he believes that his police force needs to return to the good old days of prohibition and corruption.

The movie begins in the future, in present day Las Vegas, where commissioner Dolan has been asked to serve as the city's interim head while convention organizer, Sheriff Clay Shaw, tries to arrange the removal of the Sin City carnival from the park. Because of this, Dolan has arranged for his personal bodyguards, consisting of officers who were in training to serve as enforcers of the law, to surround the carnival. He also has set up a security detail that will stand outside the entrance to the park. Although the commissioner believes that the security detail is doing the best it can, the untrained Jaime King and his goons have simply entered the park and are causing a disturbance.

One of the main characters, Inspector Jaimes, realizes that the origin of the unrest might be related to the World Series of baseball. When a band of carousers steal a shipment of drugs intended for the World Series of Baseball, the local authorities are embarrassed to inform the public about the theft. In retaliation, the authorities create a blot effect by rounding up all the dealers in the area and send the captured felons to the maximum security penitentiary. However, escaped convicts turn against the authorities and the only way they can escape is to climb a freight train. The spirit of the law is not on the loose in the real world, but the one thing that could free the stranded felons is a herd of wild horses that have escaped from the cemented stable in which they are kept.

The movie ends with the herd of wild horses leading the way into the city of Las Vegas. The herd of cars follows behind, but the commissioner is able to divert their attention by letting Jaimes and the other officers ride up on the painted horse "Spirits." This leads to the arrest of the carousers, and soon the herd itself follows. The TV series finale concludes with the herd striking at the station of the National Park Police, and the real-world history of the Paint Horse begins.