Spider Man Movie Review

Spider Man is a great comic book hero for kids and adults to love. He is an orphan who was Peter Parker's best friend as a young boy, but now he must fight against villains such as the Kingpin, his nemesis. Spider Man's comic book origins are almost as exciting today as they were when he first appeared in comics in Amazing Spider Man #1 (Amazing Spider-Man no. 11). It has been quite some time since we've had a live action comic book series featuring this character.

spider man movie


The new blockbuster movie franchise, The Amazing Spiderman, which starts filming in July, will feature the Tobey Maguire name again as Spider Man. This time around, he will be starring as the younger Peter Parker, a teenager who becomes Spider Man after an accident. The movie will once again be directed by Sam Raimi, who did the last two films in the series. He co-directed the original three films, so he knows what he's doing. No doubt this film is going to be another box-office smash.

We've seen a lot of actors come and go from the role of Spider Man. Who will replace Tobey Maguire? Probably not, but it just might be a nice change of pace. Will an actor's name be added to the cast to replace one that is not coming back? Who knows? But if you like what we're hearing about the movie, who is probably your favorite actor to play Spider Man in the future?

One interesting actor who could play the role of Spider Man for several movies is drama queen Anne Hathaway. She recently appeared in the movie One False Speed. Anne is also known for playing other strong characters, such as Intrigerator from The Ice Age, and Miss Watson in Harry Potter. Her appearance in Spider Man would be interesting, as she has a great deal of experience with the superhero. She also has a son, Austin Segal, who is quite adorable in the films.

However, Anne's acting prowess is her greatest asset. Her role as the young Peter Parker will no doubt be memorable. Is it a role that is going to allow her to showcase her acting abilities or will it be another role where the audience is going to be waiting for something to happen? It's hard to say. But, fans of Spider Man should at least give Anne a chance to shine.

Hopefully, the Spider Man Homecoming movie will find an exciting second installment. Because Spider Man: Homecoming is supposed to be the end of the character for a while. It will give us a look at his alter ego, hopefully giving us a chance to see how he deals with having his alter ego around, but not becoming his every day life.

The other interesting bit about Spider Man: Homecoming is that they are casting unknowns for the lead role, which could leave some to wonder if we could see Holland behind the mask again. One big question that has been asked regarding Holland is if he is going to reprise his role as Spiderman in future Spider Man movies. He has said that he is not sure if he will, but there was a certain quote from him where he implied that he might. If he is asked to do so, it would be great news for fans of the Spiderman movies.

One other thing that some people seem to be concerned about is the casting of Tom Holland as Spiderman. Many fans believe that the character of Spiderman, while quite new, is beyond young kids. And, given the success of the recent Spiderman movies, some believe the success of the character can only go as high as Tom Holland. Since he is one of the better actors out there, I guess that could very well be true.