Sherlock Holmes Movie Review

The Sherlock Holmes movie that was recently released on DVD is one that many people have not seen. That is a shame because it is one of the best movies you will see this year. I am a huge fan of this great series of Sherlock Holmes movies and I hope you are as well. They are some of the best to be seen and you should have no problem finding them. Let us take a look at what this movie is about and why you should watch it.

sherlock holmes movie


In this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Dr. John Watson, a brilliant British detective, who solves crimes. One of his cases involves the unsolved murder of a baby girl named Mary Jane Watson. We soon find out that the reason for the murder is that her parents had taken her to Australia to be adopted. One of the guests at the home that babysits Miss Watson is her ex-lover. He subsequently tries to get away with her by threatening to reveal their affair, which leads to a great deal of detective work on both sides. You will certainly see how this turns out.

This movie is a classic in many ways. For one thing, it is a psychological thriller. It takes you through some interesting twists and turns. It also tackles the dark side of human nature through the character of Sherlock Holmes. That is just a small part of the quality of this movie.

You will learn many things in this movie that you didn't know before. You will learn the reasons behind the death of the baby, how sleuths can delve into the most personal of details, and how you can use sleuths to your advantage when it comes to solving a crime. Sherlock Holmes is truly one of a kind in the way he approaches the world of investigation. You will definitely be able to see how many different elements of the story came together to form this brilliant film.

Of course, as with any great movie, there are plenty of great-looking actors in this one. John Watson, the great British detective, is played by David Suchet, who is one of the best actors from the TV show House of Cards. He plays the role very well, providing much humor along the way. He turns in a great performance that makes this movie very fun to watch.

Lily Tomlin plays the most memorable role of all in this movie. In fact, she plays the exact opposite of David Suchet, who is known for his dry, sarcastic comments. Lily Tomlin takes the role of the cynical, yet nice and caring female sleuth. Her performance is what makes this movie shine. The other great actress of this movie is Joan Collins. She is the girl that solves the mystery, which just about everyone had in their minds.

The late John King is the director of this movie. I think he did an amazing job directing this movie. He managed to make the whole thing look so real and gritty at the same time. One of the scenes in the movie that stood out to me was when he showed the fireplace. It looked so real, you could feel the heat. This added an additional element of mystery to the whole film.

The actors did a great job in this movie. They did not over do it like they normally do. They played different parts but never made it seem like they were overdoing it. Overall, this movie was great and will no doubt be remembered for generations to come. For those that like a good mystery movie, I recommend Sherlock Holmes.