Ratatouille Movie Review - A French Style Animation Classic

Ratatouille Movie trivia will show that the origin of this French animated film goes back decades. It was started in 1947 and is one of the most beloved animated films of all time. It was a farcical take on world famous chef Guyana Melon's life. His food is based on what he likes to eat.

ratatouille movie


The plot of the film revolves around a French chef named Andre Parise, who lives in a small fishing village. One day, he gets kidnapped by a secret Mafia gang. There are several other interesting characters in the film. For example there is a talking rat named Le Rat. He helps the other rats in the restaurant with his wisdom.

People of all ages love the original animated Ratatouille film. It has won several awards, including four Academy Awards. Due to its popularity, the version that you see today is quite different than the one Disney showed us as children.

Today, the cartoon is enjoyed by families and young viewers alike. The movie's high quality animation is sure to enchant anyone who sees it. However, not many people realize how close the original film really was to the truth. Many people are surprised to find out that the cartoon is quite accurate and not just a fantasy created by Disney to gain a commercial advantage. In fact, many people feel that the movie even more true today than it was when it was first shown.

The Ratatouille movie that we are discussing today was actually one of the last cartoons made by Disney. After the success of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Disney decided to move on from creating cartoons for little girls to creating movies for boys. When the studio head John Rider decided to make a movie on the subject of angelfish fishing, it was intended as a home run. However, things did not go so well and it was soon abandoned.

The Ratatouille movie follows Remy, a French chef, as he returns to his old stomping grounds in France to find a new rat family. Remy serves as the main character for most of the film. He tries to learn the culinary arts in order to feed the pigs, but he is not very good at the art and often makes mistakes in the process. His father finally agrees to let Remy try out for a position in his restaurant, but only if he agrees to take on his son, Leopold, as his Padre.

The animation is very lighthearted despite its dark tone. There are comical moments and some great one-liners, but it is still an animated film. For example, one of Remy's coworkers in the movie says, "I always wondered what it felt like to have your mom's face on a potato." This may seem odd, but the implication is that mothers can be just as disgusting as pigs! The humor is light-hearted and entertaining throughout the movie.

Overall, the Ratatouille movie is enjoyable for both parents and children. It provides a lot of entertainment and education at the same time. If you have a chance, I recommend that you check out the film. It just might become your next favorite animated film...

In terms of animation and the quality of the film itself, the R Rated version offers a slightly improved quality. Some of the fighting scenes were somewhat lacking in the DVD release, but it is probably because the special effects were already done in the DVD. I don't know why they cut some of the more spectacular scenes from the original release, but I'll give it a thumbs up on that aspect anyway. If you're going to watch this movie, pick the R rated version.

The bottom line is that this is a cartoon film that just about anyone can enjoy. If you haven't seen it, then go out and do so. Trust me, it's worth it. If you have seen the film, or are a parent to be aware of the Disney cartoon version, then there really isn't anything holding you back from enjoying this timeless animated classic.

Overall, I give the Ratatouille movie an average rating. It is not the greatest film ever made, but it is a fun and entertaining film. I wish it was more entertaining, but it is what it is. For someone who has never heard of animated films, I would recommend giving the R rated version a try. For those who are already fans of the cartoon, then you're bound to enjoy this film as much as I did.