Pirates of the Caribbean - A Prime Movie Scene Review

The makers of the movie "The Secret" have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure the success of their movie. During its production, they hired a large number of extras to work around the cameras and do a variety of things that the principal actors would not normally do. These people were called "Extras" and they appeared throughout the film. Throughout this article you will learn what are some of the most important scenes that you should never miss when you are watching The Secret on DVD.

prime movie


When the movie starts at the beginning, there is a shot of Tom Cruise's character David Kleinfeld walking through the streets of New York City. You will see that he has a bag on his back that contains many of the items that he shops for in the movie. In the background you can also see many people just like Kleinfeld walking about. The scene appears to go on forever, and it is very boring to watch.

After Kleinfeld reaches the La Cienega Boulevard, the camera shifts to Cruise as he walks up the steps towards the front door of a house. You will notice Cruise leaning against the gate with his hands on his hips. You will notice the light blue t-shirt he is wearing. This is one scene in the film that had many people thinking that Cruise was going to do a shot in Hawaii, or even the Santa Barbara Mountains.

Another interesting scene that does not make much sense in the film occurs when Cruise's character Bill Norton is talking to Nicole Kidman in their car in some traffic. In the background we can hear the people in the car being irritated with some other drivers. You can clearly hear the dialogue from both of the drivers. One driver tells the other, "You know something... We got something in our brains!"

This scene takes place near the end of the film. As the couple sits in the car, they are kissing and Cruise has put his arm around Nicole Kidman's shoulder. The next shot shows them on the beach. This film is directed by none other than Clint Eastwood.

One other scene that did not make a lot of sense in the film took place while Cruise was riding in a car with Jason Lee driving. There were bodies lying on the side of the road. It looked as if they had just been shot. There was nothing on the ground near the bodies to indicate that they were victims of a road accident.

All of the above scenes are examples of what made the film such a great success. However, there are many scenes that did not go according to plan. The film did have its fans and critics who did not see the film as they should have. Some of the acting was terrible and some of the violence felt gratuitous. These moments will always cast a shadow over the success of the film.

Overall, Pirates of the Caribbean was a hit. It managed to win many awards and become one of the most well known films in history. This is not an easy film to watch. It can be very slow paced and contain some very graphic and violent scenes. However, for many people this is exactly what they were looking for in a movie.

One scene that does not go down well with many people is the execution of Jack Sparrow's death. It seems like the writers of the film did not have the foresight that many fans of the book series have come to expect. Instead, Jack Sparrow is thrown into the water and drowns. It seems as if this was meant to be one of the endings for the series, but it is not included in the film. This ending will go down as one of the many mistakes that could have been made in the film.

Another odd scene occurs after the credits have finished rolling. In the final reel of the film, we get to see Jack Sparrow lying dead on the ocean bed with a large cross above his head. This is followed by a loud scream from Barbossa as he tries to pull him into the water. It is an odd sequence and it leaves many wondering how it came to be included in the film.

Overall, this is a decent movie. However, some of the scenes are a little too brief and sometimes do not fit with the rest of the film. For example, when Sparrow first appears in the film, he is in extremely bad physical shape and barely able to walk. It is only through his eventual escape from the ship, that we see that he is able to walk. There are also many continuity errors throughout the film that are sure to make any serious pirate fans squirm.