New Legion Movie Posters And Concept Art Revealed

There is a rumor going around that the new X-Men movie starring Evan Rachel Wood and James Morrison will be called Legion. I can't say anything about it since I haven't seen the movie yet but it caught my attention. The rumor is that the character of Legion will be played by Evan Rachel Wood in the movie. She seems kind of interesting as a lead role in the new X-Men movie. She has some really good features and strong roots, so she would make an awesome addition to the cast.

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One of the things that have kept X-Men fans on pins and needles is how different the series has been every single time a new movie has come out. There were some concerns when the original X-Men movie series ended with Professor X sacrificing himself at the hands of Magneto. Some fans were upset and believed the character to be gone forever. Luckily, the movies have gone on to make many more great movies and have established the characters we know and love.

The newest X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Future Past, definitely featured the original X-Men cast. While some people criticize the film for lacking originality, I think they are totally forgetting the fact that the film was supposed to be the last chapter of the X-Men series. The first X-Men film, Days of Future Past, didn't quite live up to expectations. Many people thought it didn't live up to the hype that had been given to it.

With this in mind, it wasn't surprising to see the X-Men film Legion. Legion is a spin-off of the popular X-Men series. It will be written and directed by Noah Baumbler and produced by Lauren Shuler. This is actually the first non-mutant film that Lauren will be involved with. She is the co-writer and producer on the upcoming Spider-Man and New York Times bestselling novel, The Skinny on Black Mirror.

This is the first of two movies based on the popular X-Men characters. They are also the first X-Men films to feature original X-Men characters. That's not to say the movie is bad; quite the opposite. Legion is a solid action movie and script. It just doesn't have as much character development as the other X-Men films.

The story centers around a virus that causes the dead bodies of humans to re-grow. This virus becomes attached to Professor X and sends him into a coma. He doesn't remember much of the events that transpired. It is up to Stormie, a young woman with psionic abilities to find out what happened to Professor X and help put things right. That task includes stopping the villain from destroying the world and taking over the Xavier Institute for youths.

There are a number of actors who will be returning to the big screen. They include Patrick Stewart, Ian McShane, and Jennifer Garner. This doesn't mean anything about the movie itself. Some people are unfamiliar with these names but it doesn't make a difference. What does matter is how well the movie is planned and acted. I went into the movie wanting to know how the plot unravels and how the characters resolve the crisis.

Legion is going to be a hit this Halloween. The movie seems to have some staying power even though it is a superhero movie. Fans of X-Men will enjoy this movie just as much as anyone else. If you enjoy watching movies then this could be worth looking into.

The movie is based on the life of Professor X, who was a world renowned scientist. He developed the serum that could cure any type of illness or disease. When he went missing, his wife took charge of raising his son, sending him to live with her family. While the rest of the world learned about the mysterious professor they were desperate to find out where he had gone.

Legion has the unique premise of the X-Men. They are an extinct group of powerful men that were once a top secret branch of the United States Special Forces. They were brought back to the modern day world by a rogue telepath named Scott Summers. They are fighting against Magneto, who is a terrorist trying to use them for his own agenda. This movie explores what it would be like if the X-Men were to fight Magneto in a stand off.

Legion opens on May 18th, 2021. I can't wait to see how this movie performs. It doesn't look like it will be following the same kind of box office as X-Men: Days of Future Past but it will definitely have its own share of fans. It also looks like it will be a hit with the kids because it's one of the few animated movies that kids seem to love.