Mortal Kombat Online

The Mortal Kombat movie continues to build up popularity, even though it's still early in the year. It already has made an appearance at one California film festival and there are more showing across the country. And that's not all - earlier this month, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment opened The Chronicles of Riddick, a follow-up to the successful Zombie movie series from Universal Studios. So let's see just how the mix between movie franchises fair.

mortal kombat movie


One film, however, which almost seems like it belongs in the category of mainstream entertainment, is Warcraft. Warcraft is not in any way connected to the Mortal Kombat movie, but the two actually began as the same project. The late Robert Rodriguez did help design the look of the film, so much so that many of the fighting scenes were designed with a similar style. It's possible that the idea of turning the story into a video game took hold, especially after the success of Guitar Hero. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a great movie.

Not everyone agrees, however. Movie critics have been largely disappointed with the movies efforts to capture the feel of Kung fu. For one thing, the story was almost left out (until the very end) and there seemed to be little connection between the characters and the fighting. Some fans even called it a sloppy movie. On the other hand, the special effects were stunning. The fights were fast-paced, believable, and intense.

On the other hand, there was absolutely nothing to write home about. The fighting took away most of the impact of the movie. The entire movie seemed to have been shot on a television set. The fighting was over the top, with long and slow pans moving across the screen. Viewers who wanted action likely missed the point.

Fortunately, there is one movie that captures the true spirit of the original. That's the Kung Fu Panda. The movie opens with a cool, stylish fight scene. Young Tai Lung suffers an injury at the beginning of the movie, but it quickly turns into a training routine for him and a father-son relationship is formed.

The movie takes its story seriously, as we watch young Tai Lung slowly improve his martial arts skills. He takes a lot of time to get right into the action. The fighting scenes are fast-paced, with long and close fights taking place. The fights are near perfect, with few if any breaks or pauses. Mortal kung fu Panda makes the best of its source material.

The special effects are fairly decent. The main villain, the boar-headed King Scorpion (mnemosuchus) looks great, and the effects are realistic. The destruction at the end of the movie is spectacular, with an avalanche of rock crashing through the jungle. But apart from that, the movie is entertaining and has some good laughs.

Overall, the movie is very pleasing to the eyes. There is a lot of violence, but it is only towards the end. It does not make much of a big deal out of it, and keeps the action going. It is not a blood thirsty monster movie, but it is far from one. The movie is more of a family-friendly tropical setting movie, that is both fun to watch and gives some good lessons on martial arts.

The fighting sequences are choreographed to the point of being very beautiful to watch. Mortal Kombat has the best martial arts sequences out there. The designs of the Kung Fu weapons are very nice to look at, and the choreography in fighting is top notch. The computer generated imagery is great, and the movie looks to be in 3D.

Watching the movie online is a fun experience. The movie is available in many places across the Internet, and you can jump right into the movie. Watching the movie this way is similar to being in the actual cinema, except that you can do all of your viewing at your own comfort level. That way, you can chill out, enjoy the movie and not feel the need to rush to the bathroom to re-watch it!

If you have never seen the Mortal Kombat movie, then I highly recommend giving it a try. The online version is very enjoyable. It gives you a chance to see what an actual theater environment would be like, and also a chance to get a great idea of the story line. It's worth a look!