Meet the Pigs Movie Review

The pigs in the movie Meet the Pigs is not your traditional comedy. It's far more serious and realistic, and at points offensive. The main character, Max, doesn't hesitate to use the N-word (a racial slur) in his casual dialogues with the other pigs. He even uses it on pigs he finds guilty of doing something wrong. I don't know how many writers let their audience down by condoning such a crudity, but it does happen. And it often happens in the movies.

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The movie isn't for the squeamish, either. It shows the ugliest side of pigs, and it also presents serious moral dilemmas for Max and other pigs who find themselves the targets of the pigs' hatred. Meet the Pigs might be one of the most disturbing films you'll ever see. Don't miss it.

People have been making a big deal about the film for months now, but I've heard some of the more casual fans saying that the movie isn't scary at all. While that's not exactly true, it isn't quite a great deal of fun either. That's not to say that Meet the Pigs is a bad movie. On the contrary, it's a thoroughly entertaining comedy that's well worth the time you invest in it.

What really makes Meet the Pigs stand out is its excellent use of special effects and a slew of clever set designs. The movie looks great, but it's also a very intense film that incorporates a great deal of humor. Watching the pigs in motion is very entertaining. It's definitely one of those movies that will stay with you long after you've dropped the DVD into your DVD player.

One major problem I think is the length. As a full hour movie, Meet the Pigs feels too long. It's not exciting enough to hold your attention for that length, which is why it often goes wobbly at the start. But when it picks up later on, it gets really moving. And that's always a good thing.

This is probably the only aspect of the movie that really holds your interest. The rest is forgettable. The pigs themselves are funny, and the story is amusing (if not over-the-top), but the real draw of the movie is the pig costume. There is something about the thought of dressing up like a big fat pig that just makes you laugh. Not many animated movies can make that claim.

From the voice over work to the set design, Meet the Pigs feels like an honest film. The special effects are realistic, but not over the top. There isn't any nudity, and the story is entertaining enough on its own. That's why the movie doesn't really reach the heights of other animated hits. However, if you're looking for a pig's movie that you'll want to watch more than once, Meet the Pigs might not be the movie for you.

Regardless, of how big of a fan you are of pigs, you'll probably find this movie a hit. It's not just a great watch; it's also good, clean fun. If you have no particular connection to the subject matter or aren't sure if you'll care for it, this might not be a great choice for you. But for those who are already mad about pigs, and are ready to see exactly what everyone else is raving about, Meet the Pigs is definitely worth a look. Just don't expect to find the same level of entertainment as you would from a top-tier animated hit.

Like the name suggests, Meet the Pigs follows the story of a pig. Specifically, it follows one named Porky, who lives with his owner, Tubby. But when a snake interrupts their otherwise peaceful life, Tubby lets his pet go, which leads to Porky setting up house in an old prison known as the Pig War. But this won't be a war with the pigs, it'll be a war between the pigs and the humans.

Meet the Pig's movie reviews have consistently stated that the movie is a live-action adaptation, which is definitely true. The story contains well-done voice acting, and animation is present (but not in an excessive amount). In terms of storyline, the movie picks up after the events of the first film, which means you'll be getting to see some familiar faces from the first film as well.

If you're expecting a huge amount of humor this movie might not be for you. If you're into dramas and animated films, however, Meet the Pig's movie is likely to entertain you. There's even a number of celebrity cameos, which fans probably aren't going to miss at any cost. In short, if you're looking for a fun and creative animated film about pigs, then Meet the Pigs may be worth checking out.