How to Find the Best War Movie

A good war movie is one that leaves you craving for more of the same. It may be a complex story full of intrigue and deep characters, but it never descends to gratuitous violence and blood shed. No, what most war fics are all about are how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances. In other words, they deal with the psychological aspects of war instead of the mayhem itself.

war movie


It might sound like a simple concept. After all, in war everything is so intense, you need something more than just action to make it exciting. What I'm talking about is an emotional roller coaster ride through emotional territory you'll never get to experience in other genres. And the best thing about war movies is that they usually do not take place on earth or on a large-scale battle field. They're real people telling their own stories, everyday experiences that we as civilians can relate to.

Often, movie plots involve a main character whose life is in danger and who must find out what the enemy has been up to. That's a bit over the top, isn't it? But think about it. It's your neighbor that's fighting off terrorists. If they were a movie, this would be the plot of a romance novel rather than a war thriller.

These characters are in extreme situations. Often times they're on the edge of total annihilation. But they still manage to pull themselves together and find a way to come out a winner. It just doesn't happen for other people. You see this recurring theme in lots of books, from war-action novels to YA novels to adult contemporary fiction.

Why is it then that war movies are so popular? Well, it's probably because they're very easy to emotionally connect to. There's combat, there's death, there're suffering, anguish, pain... it's easy to feel for the people in these movies. It's almost impossible not to.

Of course, a war movie also has to have some entertainment value. After all, entertainment is what gets people to sit through any movie. This doesn't mean that every war movie is a masterpiece. Some are duds, to be honest. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any good ones out there. As long as you know how to look for them, you should be able to find a few gems in your local video store.

The key to spotting a good war movie is to figure out what type of movie it is. For instance, if you're reading about the Civil War, it might make sense to start with that conflict. Look at the history lesson that's being presented. What do you like to learn about this time in our history? What events and battles do you want to focus on?

Once you've figured out what kind of movie to watch, you need to figure out who the stars will be. Who do you most identify with? Are there any sub-plots that will help the film stay afloat? These are things to keep in mind, because they'll make the experience richer for you.

Don't be afraid to use your instincts. You can spot a great movie on the surface based off of its trailers. But, if you aren't sure, there are other ways to tell. Ask your friends or family members about the movie they liked best.

Go to the theater and try to see a couple of movies. Try to pick which ones you really care about. This is a great way to get started. After you've found a couple of favorites, you can focus on seeing all of them. Once you've seen a few, you'll have a better idea of whether or not you want to see more of them. Then, you can make a decision.

A war movie isn't always about war. It can also revolve around love or the mystery of life. If you're looking for something that will keep your attention, then this is a great option. You can find something that will interest you.

Once you've made your choice, start making lists of all the movies you've already watched. Then, go back and make a list of the ones you want to see now. Use these movie ideas as your guide. Try not to let your decision completely rule your life. You can't live your life in fear of the next war movie.