Explosive Endings of the Resident Evil Movie Franchise

The movie Resident Evil: Retribution was released in theaters in May of 2004. The film follows the character Alice in a world where she has been transplanted into an alternate version of Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a lonely stay-at-home mother, and her responsibilities include looking after the well-being of her younger siblings.

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Alice is actually a very powerful "infection" of an evil spirit who is seeking to take over the human world. She sends out a series of messages to her family and friends warning them that something bad is going to happen. When her house is burned to the ground in the middle of the night, Alice sends her daughter Penny to live at the Lakewood Ranch on St. Paul Island. There, Alice's sister Debra begins to slowly develop a strong psychic connection with Penny, which helps her learn more about her father's intentions for her life.

The majority of the film concerns the search for her father's killer. She learns that the evil entity she is fighting is part of an organization called the Order. The Order is composed of three different sectors, each of which consists of a number of evil creatures. The first sector is led by Dr. Isaac's brother, Gearbox, and consists of his robotic assistants.

The second sector consists of the sisters working for the Order, and whose only goal is to locate Alice and drain her power. The third sector consists of the creatures known as the Visolari. These creatures are half-human and half-machine creatures, and they have been linked with the Umbrella Corp. for quite a while. Throughout the entire movie, Alice eventually comes face to face with the evil Dr. Isaac and a number of his creations, including the Visolari. After facing off against the evil entity, Alice makes a decision to help the other survivors of the island by going to St. Paul Island where the military is holding a training exercise.

While on this island, Alice comes into contact with another member of the corporation, Willy, who has become obsessed with discovering the evil behind the Corporation. Alice eventually joins forces with the other survivors, and she uses her powers of telekinesis to open the safety lock on the base camp. However, her efforts prove futile when the evil Dr. Isaac appears and begins draining the power from the camp's facility. The only way for Alice and the others to stop Isaac is for them to battle him one-on-one in the combat room, but they are too scared to do so.

In the climactic battle, Alice finds a way to open the safety lock, but soon after the facility goes up in smoke. Alice makes her way out of the burning building and meets up with Penny, who wants Alice to work with her in the construction business. Shortly thereafter, Alice's husband enters the scene, grabs her, and they both escape from the burning building. Later, they learn that their source of energy was in fact the evil Dr. Isaac's monster creation, the Visolari, which is believed to be behind the entire outbreak.

One of the most terrifying aspects of the series is the villain, who is played by the talented Christian Bale. His appearance is quite different compared to the classic villains that were introduced in previous movies. He is portrayed as a severely disfigured man with a voice that sounds almost like his dead brother, and his motivations for unleashing havoc are equally as horrifying.

Overall, the Resident Evil franchise is just another installment in the long line of horror movies, action flicks, and video games that make this entertainment medium extremely popular. The film itself is entertaining, stylish, and gripping. And the rest of the movie franchise does an excellent job of blending the reality and fiction of the original with the endless possibilities of the imagination. If you want to experience some intense and thrilling thrills, check out the rest of the Resident Evil movie franchise. You won't be disappointed!