Batman - The Dark Knight Review

No Superhero is complete without his cape and costume, and when you get a chance to see the latest Superman movie you will be able to see an absolutely amazing portrayal of Superman. Man of Steel is set to be the start of a brand new era of Superman movies. The original look of Superman has been portrayed time and again in different mediums such as comic books, cartoons, and of course the famous Superman movie coming out soon. As you may already know the character was born from Clark Kent (Kal-Lennar Clark Kent) who was just a boy when his mother committed suicide trying to save him when he was born. Clark was taken under the wing of Dr. Alestine Marston, who put together a team of superheros to help him protect the world.

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When the movie Man of Steel was released everyone had an immediate connection with Superman. People went nuts over this new take on the Superman mythos. For anyone not in the know, Superman has always been a sensitive subject for various sects of religion. Not very many people were happy about the religious underpinnings in Superman. With the introduction of Superman into the new millennium it is quite easy to see why people are so crazy about Superman.

The first installment of the Superman movie Man of steel saw the introduction of Superman's friends jut Robin and Batgirl. They got to save the city of Metropolis from the villain. In the end both of them gained respect for each other and started working with the government to help fight crime. The relationship between Superman and his friends is quite interesting and has become one of the hallmarks of the Superman series.

There have been several different versions of the Superman movie that has come to light. One of those is the Batman version. This Superman movie is about the dark knight trying to battle evil and saving the city of Gotham from Superman. The two Superman fight each other until Superman taps the mysterious powers of the kryptonite.

The Dark Knight is a Superman movie that took a lot of criticism from some people. One of the most notable criticism was the amount of violence in the movie. Some parents were upset at the violence in the Superman movie. However, one could take a look at the source material and point out that violence is only used as a last resort and that sometimes, it is the only way to get a certain result. The ultimate aim of Superman is to bring peace and justice to the world. If he does not do this then his powers will be insufficient and he will lose his identity.

Batman Begins was the second of the three Batman movies made. Though it was not a huge success it did introduce the Superman mythology to a wider audience. This Superman movie featured Tom Hardy as Superman and Anne Hathaway as the lovely Mary Jane Watson. The story centres around the friendship of these two characters. It is a lighter version of the original comic book.

For anyone who has never watched a Superman movie then The Dark Knight is the perfect one for you. Though there have been many versions of the Superman story told through the years, none is as interesting as Batman: The Dark Knight. The Superman movie has won the award for Best Picture at the recent Oscars and people are praising its movie. It is being projected to be a great hit throughout the world.

If you want to watch Superman movie on DVD than there are quite a few that have been released in the past few years. However, you need to be careful as some of these Superman movies are actually rip offs of the original comic books. So always make sure that you check the rating before you buy or rent one. A Superman movie is one of the most powerful stories ever conceived and shown in the big screen. So, if you are looking for a great Superman movie go ahead and give The Dark Knight a watch.